Mindfulness First


Mindfulness First‘s mission is to empower children and adults with life-skills for coping with conflict and adversity, while facilitating contentedness. Our age-appropriate, 8 week school curriculum teaches children to manage stress while nurturing compassion.

Often referred to as the ‘user manual’ for the human body, mindfulness offers a foundation for not only academics but for life. Scientific studies have proven that mindfulness helps with impulse-control and decision-making, which not only help children in class but also assist in preventing bullying and violence. The organization also works with parents and communities helping to create a culture of presence. And the corporate department assists in funding work within the school districts; many corporations are realizing the benefits of including mindfulness training as a part of their employee wellness programs. Thank you for your kind donations which will help teach children and communities about mindfulness.

Mindfulness First website: www.mindfulnessfirst.org

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