The Pathfinder Foundation of Arizona

The Pathfinder Foundation of Arizona is a non-profit organization founded by military veterans dedicated to making social change in the community.  The organization is dedicated to improving the lives of families who live in Maricopa County west of Phoenix who are dependent on government services to survive.  The organization is fielding a group of specially trained professionals who will provide case management, emotional support and financial relief to these families.

The Pathfinder Foundation of Arizona was created by Michael Maisano and Shawn “Doc” Anderson when they identified that cities in the West Valley of Maricopa County did not have enough community-based social services to support the population.  They deployed to Iraq as members of the same Arizona Army National Guard unit and often discussed coming home to help their community.  The Pathfinder Foundation of Arizona is the culmination of several years of research and planning to develop a non-profit organization which will work to eliminate the barriers which overwhelm many individuals in the community.

The Pathfinder Foundation of Arizona has several projects in the planning phase and has approached many government and community leaders to support these projects.  The organization is developing a Crisis Response Team which will focus on reducing the impact domestic violence has on family.  The organization wants to provide immediate support to assist the victims of domestic violence and help them escape their abusers.  The organization plans to field a trained team of behavioral health professionals who will work together with local law enforcement and first responders to reduce the impact of domestic violence on the community.


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