One Shared Root

One Shared Root is an after school and summer enrichment program which prepares special needs and at- risk students to competently transition from high school into their communities. 

 They use a unique three-tiered educational and social skill intervention model whereby children with emotional, social and/or economic challenges (at-risk) gain leadership skills while mentoring students with mild to moderate disabilities on basic soft skill they will need for future employment. “Typical” peer leaders and college interns supply the third layer by coaching and mentoring the at-risk student while providing a trickle- down effect of support for this fully inclusive model. With the use of Aquaponics and Urban Farm models, students gain access to expansive opportunities which create a productive space to learn and practice skills related to science, agriculture, creative product invention, engineering, marketing, sales, technology, food handling and customer service.

 By focusing on strengths rather than deficits, every young person finds passion and purpose while creating reciprocity for future opportunities. 

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