KDIF is an FCC-licensed, low-power FM radio station that promotes education, supports health initiatives, celebrates cultural diversity, and fosters community engagement for the underserved communities of South Phoenix and Central City South. By providing a community-run, community-focused mass media platform, we turn the underserved populace into listeners, and then convert listeners into community participants and even station volunteers. Our community residents and businesses use KDIF to produce opportunities, to improve access to information, and to empower presently disenfranchised voices.

KDIF is a media outlet that is accessible, bilingual, multicultural and grounded in the expressed needs, desires, and knowledge of our community. We use radio to engage new and unheard voices from Central City South and South Phoenix. These voices will be residents, artists, and organizers who come from the neighborhoods, businesses, and organizations that shape their communities. Through partnerships, donations, and volunteer efforts, we will offer education and radio training, workforce development, exposure for civic engagement, and event production, promotion, and coverage to residents in our listening area and organizations servicing local communities.

Community radio is a rare asset. It is a medium to expand and enhance the work, the knowledge, and the successes of the residents it serves. In the context of South Phoenix and Central City South, KDIF further becomes a vehicle for the creation of healthy, self-determined, engaged communities. We asked organizational partners and listeners what type of programming they want, and developed five categories:  1) Education, 2) Health, 3) Civic Engagement, 4) Local Economies, and 5) Arts & Culture.  We continuously recruit content producers (i.e., residents who want to be on-air) and form new organization partnerships to develop programming on these topics that inform listeners, let them tell their stories, make new connections, and take advantage of local opportunities that listeners otherwise may not know about. As community-based leadership grows and strengthens, KDIF will provide a platform for the voices of underrepresented neighborhoods to help organize and build influence in policy and regulation.