Immersive Teaching STEAM Academy

The vision of Immersive Teaching STEAM Academy (ITSA) is to further the cause of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and integrated Arts). Their mission is train students with the skill set (like 3D Modeling, Virtual Reality, etc.), so that they can design educational and training materials using these cutting-edge Immersive Technologies.

ITSA offers supplemental/enrichment programs that provide hands-on experiences with STEAM-related projects. They provide rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities that encourage students to think through problems systematically to arrive at the best solution.

Their core belief is that Project-Based Learning is the key to inspire kids to pursue these subjects. They believe that by making projects fun and exciting, they increase their thirst for knowledge.

They offer instruction-led programs in robotics, 3D modeling, 3D scanning, 3D printing, keyboarding, movie-making, STEM kits, game design, web design, green screen and visual effects, computer graphics and animation, coding and programming and virtual reality to name a few.

Student interest in STEM subjects has steadily decreased over the past several years. The companies that provide products and services in these areas are finding it hard to attract new employees that can fill all the open positions. And for the people they do find, many of them do not have the skills or exposure to the cutting edge technologies. These companies have to spend a lot of money to train their new employees so that they can lead innovative research and development.

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