Academic and Leadership Accelerator for Service

Alas Logo (1)The Academic and Leadership Accelerator for Service (ALAS or Wings in English) trains and mentors low income high school students in Phoenix, Glendale, and Avondale to be socially conscious, community stewards through their actions in college, career, and life. Our mission is to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be successful lifelong learners, and create a generation of community leaders with the education, values, and experiences to make a more inclusive and equitable community.

ALAS ignites the spirit of service and understanding that each student’s actions in college, career, and life have an impact in our neighborhoods and community. By expanding access to higher education and opening avenues to professional development, students form the foundation of personal success and community empowerment. Additionally, students gain exposure to dynamic and diverse business leaders, nonprofit organizations, and community members that serve as subject matter experts and mentors in college readiness and professional development.

ALAS was developed in 2015 in order to inject community awareness and the spirit of service into an education accessibility and personal development program for low income, first-generation students. During the past two years, ALAS maintained an 80% retention rate and more than 90% of our first class is ready to start their first year of college.


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