In 1997 two enterprising nonprofit consultants came to St. Luke’s Charitable Health Trust, now Vitalyst Health Foundation, with an innovative idea: create and support coalitions of small and midsize nonprofit agencies to develop the skills and resources to increase organization capacity to address health and social issues.

This was the beginning of the Technical Assistance Partnership. Fourteen years later, TAP is a complimentary program where teams of nonprofit organizations and community coalitions commit to working together in a self-initiated, self-selecting and self-sustaining process to identify and implement solutions for common organizational, technical and community development issues. Teams are matched with consultants who help them collaboratively work through the challenges and opportunities.

Vitalyst Health Foundation is committed to TAP’s future but remains open as to what form that future might take. Currently, we are continuing to create a model for fiscal sponsorship in Arizona. Technical Assistance Partnership of Arizona (TAP AZ) currently offers sponsorships and technical assistance to community coalitions and nonprofits. In addition to this, we continue to offer educational training sessions called CAN (Change Agent Network) Forums as well as a six-session course designed to help those interested in creating a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

To learn more about TAP, please download a copy of our publication – TAP: Learning Through Networks.