A 2nd Act

Mission:  Recognizing that helping is healing, A 2nd Act celebrates and supports women cancer survivors who are using their newly realized gifts of time and experience in their 2nd Act of life for the greater good. 

Performances:  A 2nd Act: Survivorship Takes the Stage is a live, curated stage performance, featuring a cast of ten women survivors of all types of cancers, local to the city in which the show is being held. Professionally produced, each woman shares her own story of how she’s using her post-diagnosis gifts of time and experience for the greater good.

Paybacks:  Each performance of A 2nd Act: Survivorship Takes the Stage accomplishes three goals: 

  1. It celebrates the breath-taking courage of the participants on stage.
  2. It motivates the audience to create their own 2nd Acts, regardless of what their life challenge may be.
  3. It raises funds for grants to women survivors, allowing them to follow their dreams, give back to the world and honor their cancer journeys.

Gratitude:  Thank you for your donations! The link below will allow you to donate via credit card. If you’d prefer to send a check, please note A 2nd Act in the memo line and mail it to Technical Assistance Partnership of Arizona, 2929 North Central Avenue, Suite 1550, Phoenix, Arizona 85012

Visit us at www.A2ndAct.org


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You’ll not only be amazed by their courage, humor and perseverance, you’ll be amazed by how their stories will fuel YOUR life journey forward, no matter what the challenge! Proceeds will allow us to award micro-grants, assisting other women survivors ready to re-enter their lives.


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